Discover How To Take Stains Off A Stove With Toothpaste!

The stove is an appliance necessary for the survival of anyone. But, have you realized how complicated it is to perform a cleaning on this household appliance without scratching or causing any damage? If this is a problem that hinders your cleaning, how about learning how to remove stains from the stove with toothpaste?

What do you mean, toothpaste? It may seem strange, but the marks that are extracted by your toothpaste are impossible to remove by liquid soap, detergent or any other cleaning product.

No need to worry about brands. It is possible to use any toothpaste to get rid of stains on your stove once and for all.


  • Sponge toothpaste
  • Remove stains from the stove with toothpaste
  • It’s very simple! You put some toothpaste on a sponge and scrub all over your stove.
  • But be careful! The sponge to wash the dishes should not be with your green part!
  • By opting to scrub the toothpaste with the green side, you can damage your stove even more.
  • Pass only on the yellow part, ie on the soft side of the item. And spread the toothpaste all over the stove.
  • Ended? Then, wait 5 minutes for the toothpaste to dry on the stove and act.
  • How to remove the toothpaste
  • After waiting these minutes, you must wet the sponge (always on the yellow side) and begin to calmly remove the toothpaste.

Gradually you will notice that all the dirt is being disposed of with a brief scrub. Before you finish the cleaning, you will see that the stove is already has a shine!

Finally, you can use a cloth to wipe and remove any trace of water from your appliance.