Apartment Balcony Cleaning: Learn How to Clean Safely and Efficiently

Cleaning time it is at this moment that everything must be dragged from its place, taken out and even hung, in order to facilitate the complete cleaning of all the rooms of the house.

And, of course, the cleaning of the balcony also goes into the cleaning. After all, we are talking about a part of the house that, as such, deserves to be very well cleaned, is not it? However, many people simply do not know how to do the cleaning of balconies. Whether it be difficult access, or even the fear of end up suffering some domestic accident.

If you want to know how to clean the balcony safely and efficiently, read on.


The perfect solution for cleaning the glasses

Glasses are usually feared by everyone at the time of cleaning, either the normal or the balcony. But it does not have to be this way, since now you will know the perfect solution to clean the windows.

For this you will need:

  • – Vinegar or detergent;
  • – Water;
  • – Bucket;
  • – 2 cloths;

These items are easy to access and are part of any basic cleaning set, so let’s take a step-by-step look at how to clean the windows from your balcony.

Mix the vinegar (half a glass) or the detergent (teaspoon) in the bucket full of water. Dip one of the cloths in this mixture and place it in one of your hands, since in the other you will have the cloth dry.

With the wet cloth, start by wiping the glass from the balcony from top to bottom as soon as you wipe the wet cloth, then come with the dry one. This will prevent the water from staining the glass from the balcony. If the dry cloth starts to get wet, replace it with a completely dry cloth.

Repeat the process until the balcony glass is completely clean and dry. This tip can also be useful for cleaning other windows in your home.

Bonus Tip: Do you want the windows on your balcony to be crystal clear? Try adding a few drops of kerosene or an alcohol cap to the mixture.

Cleaning the balcony of your apartment

Now that you know how to clean the windows without suffering, let’s also check some tips on how to keep the balcony cleaning always up-to-date.

For this, the first thing to be done is to separate a day of the week to do a light cleaning on the balcony. If you grow plants on the balcony of your apartment, the lighter cleaning can be on the same day you water the plants, preferably a sunny day.

Take the opportunity to sweep the balcony, gather the fallen leaves on the floor and organize what is out of place. This will help make heavy cleaning easier since there will be no accumulated dirt.

In the heavy cleaning, which must be done every two weeks or monthly, invest in products suitable for cleaning ceramics and tiles, decalcifying products are excellent for balconies.