Tips to Clean and Keep Your Home Stairs Always Clean

Stairs, whether indoors or out, are always a challenge when cleaning. Whether they are large, with several steps, or small ones, those that only connect one area to another. In any case, the specific cleaning of this space is necessary. Cleaning on the stairs depends a lot on the material it is made of, since each requires a specific type of cleaning and you must be aware of these details, to follow the guidelines according to the material by which it is composed, and the environment in which it is positioned, whether it is inside or outside the home.

Stairs are made to create a link from one room to the other so it is assumed that it is a part of the house that people constantly pass by, requiring frequent cleaning.

Each material requires proper cleaning so as not to affect the quality that the product offers. Marble, for example, is a type of material that easily stains in addition to absorbing liquid. The material does not accumulate dirt, it is easier to clean, it does not require anything very specific. Like granite and slate ladders, both are materials that do not require much when cleaning the environment.

Wooden ladders are usually kept indoors, which is where they last longer since the material cannot always be wet. This type of material requires some extra care, the fact of having to dry fast already restricts the use of a lot of water, or liquid products at the time of cleaning. It is necessary to always take care that it does not accumulate spider web and always be attentive with termites and the material of itself, if it is still resistant to avoid accidents. Concrete ladders that are usually outside the home in open environments can be washed with even water and have fewer restrictions.

For interior staircases, regardless of the material, the indicated to sweep the steps from top to bottom, with a soft bristle broom not to scratch the material and always opt for cloths with some specific cleaning material. Water jets or bucket rinses are best suited for ladders indoors, for indoor environments it is recommended to avoid this type of washing to keep the place moist and avoid damaging the material.

It is always advisable to sweep or vacuum cleaner, removing residue and accumulation of corners. In the case of the marble staircase one can use homemade solutions like wet cloth with water and lemon or water with sodium bicarbonate that give a good result, especially in case the ladder is yellowish. In wooden stairs it is important to always keep them with protection as a varnish, so that the material lasts longer. Cleaning should always be adequate to the material the ladder is made to prevent damage to the product.