Learn How to Remove those Deodorant Stains from your Clothes

Deodorants are commonly used these days. Its main function is the control of the sweat produced by the sweat glands of the armpits. In addition, they also help prevent the formation of stench during the day. However, some product formulas may leave blemishes or marks on your clothing. This situation can be extremely annoying and generate some discomfort. In that sense, check out some tips on how to remove those deodorant stains from your clothes.


Lemon Juice

An easily accessible ingredient that most likely has your home, lemon has antiseptic properties that help in cleaning. Not surprising it is widely used in the cleaning products industry. In recent deodorant stains, lemon may help. You can squeeze a few drops of lemon on the stain, wait 10 minutes and wash the piece as usual.



Wet the fabric you want to remove the stain. After this, throw a tablespoon of salt over the affected spot. Rub until the stain dims or disappears. After the entire process, wash the part normally. This tip holds for any shades of fabric.



This is another option with an easily accessible ingredient. You can apply the vinegar directly on the stains or leave the dressing in the vinegar for about eight hours. Then, of course, wash it as usual. The spots are imperceptible or dimmed. It is worth noting that this method is not suitable for clothing with a white color, as it can change its color.



This tip is more specific only for colored clothing. You can apply the alcohol directly in the region and wait about ten minutes. After washing normally, you will see that the spots have completely gone out.



This ingredient is a powerful ally to remove stains from your clothing. To remove white stains from deodorant, you can mix ammonia with water (a measure of ammonia to two of water). After this, apply the mixture to the stains and wait a few minutes until the piece is washed. The stains will go away.


Kitchen detergent

It is important to note: use only neutral and colorless detergent. You can apply this product over the stains and leave it acting for about 30 minutes. When washing the part, you will see that the marks have left. This method is valid for clothing of any color and may be the most widely used and known in this list.


Oxygenated Water Sodium Bicarbonate

Used in very difficult and tough cases, this blend is infallible when it comes to stains on clothes. You can mix four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with two of baking soda. Apply the mixture while gently wiping the fabric so it does not damage the workpiece.