4 Techniques to Remove Leaves that Insist on Staying in Your Yard

The backyard is usually a real play area for many people. After all, it’s almost always where the dogs play, where barbecues and family get-togethers are made, where the vegetable gardens are and everything. However, there are also the trees, known not only for all the beauty, fresh air and fresh shade they provide, but also for the leaves they drop and the dirt they cause.

If you also have several trees in the backyard of your home and you do not know what else to do to get rid of leaves that insist on soiling your yard, do not worry: we’ll help you. In today’s text you can check out some tips that will surely help keep your yard clean. Good reading!


Can plants

Did you know that pruning the plants in your house at the right time helps the leaves fly and end up dirtying your entire backyard? That’s it. So, prefer to start pruning the trees always in late summer and early fall when it’s starting to cool.

In pruning, prioritize the removal of dead or dying branches, as well as the removal of excess shoots. Trim all excess, so the leaves will not scatter the yard with any wind.


Tarpaulins and cloths

Do you have any sculpture or garden in your yard that, with falling leaves, is usually practically impossible to clean? To end this, try stretching a tarp or cloth over that area when the first few leaves of the trees begin to fall.

You can attach that canvas / cloth with knots or stones. Thus, you will notice that cleaning the sheets that accumulate on the cloth is much easier than cleaning the hard-to-reach places in your yard.


Gather the leaves daily

If you are one of those people who expect the leaves to pile up so we can start yard cleaning, we should say that this habit should only be maintained if your yard is too large.

Otherwise, choose to join the leaves daily and with your hands. Although time consuming, this method is one of the most effective ways to make sure your yard is always clean and leaf-free. Also, as the cleaning will be daily, you will not waste much time gathering the sheets.

If joining leaves with your hands is impractical for you, a great option is to sweep them (also daily). This is a good alternative especially for the drier days. Just remember to use your own broom for this functionality.


Sheet blower

Lastly, our last tip is the leaf blower. Depending on the size of your yard and the amount of leaves that accumulate there, opting for the leaf blower can be a great option.

Just remember that you have to be careful when handling this equipment, as it can also increase the leaf mess in the yard even more than clean it.