Tips to Eliminate the Smell of Burnt Food in the Kitchen

It’s wonderful when someone is cooking and that smell of food spreads through the environment. Whether it’s on the stove or the roast in the oven, there’s no one who does not appreciate it. The difficult thing is when this delicious meal burns, which can happen to anyone, there is no way. The smell of burning gets impregnated by the house and it is very difficult to eliminate.

So in order to help when this unpleasant situation happens, we have separated five precious tips to get rid of that bad smell in your home, see!


Fresh lemon

Lemon is a great ally to get rid of bad odours and house cleaning tricks. To enjoy its benefits is simple, you will need a lemon and water. With a pot of boiling water, add a lemon sliced ​​and boil. The boiling process will spread the scent gradually throughout the house, until it ends the burned.


Hot Carnations

The clove can also help because they are naturally fragrant, used even in flavourings. For this recipe enough a little bit of blackheads and water. Put the water on the fire and bring to a boil, then add the blackheads and wait. Let it act for about 10 to 20 minutes. The scent of the carnations will be scattered and will finish with the bad odours of the environment.


Onion and water

Onions can be a great alternative, as most of us already have at home. For this, you’ll need an onion and some water. In a bowl of water, cut the onion into slices and let it rest. This time we will not need fire. Simply place the bowl of water in the middle of the kitchen and if necessary in other places of the house.


Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is another ingredient in many home-made mixes. Its action is to absorb the smells of the environment. You can use about half a cup of baking soda and several small pots of water. Make a mixture and place in pots, spreading in each environment of the house. If you prefer a trick that does not have a fragrance, such as cloves and lemon, this is a good choice.


Bread and vinegar

Vinegar insertion is very common also in these homemade tips. Already the bread, may be unusual for you, but believe me, this tip is as good as the others. You need some bread, vinegar and some water. Fill a pot of water and throw three cups of vinegar, let it boil over low heat for about 15 minutes. Throw pieces of bread into the mixture as soon as they absorb the liquid, place in small plates and scatter the house.

Did you realize the practicality of our tips? Most of these ingredients you already have at home and it will be very easy to eliminate at once the smell of burnt that that pot on the stove has spread. Choose what is easiest and practical!