Naphthalene: Learn How it can help you when Cleaning the House

Naphthalene is not as present in homes today as it was a few years ago. It has long been put in drawers to prevent moths in clothes and other various uses. What many are not yet aware of is their action at the time of cleaning the house. Naphthalene can help cleanse and be a part of the mix we make when it comes to sanitizing the environment.

Unfortunately it is a very strong product, so you will have to apply various care. However, nothing that prevents you from enjoying everything that this old and practical ingredient has to offer. Be aware of our tips and also the precautions when using naphthalene.


How to insert mothballs when cleaning the house

Cleaning products usually have several chemical components that are harmful to nature. Applying more common ingredients, such as vinegar, naphthalene, sodium bicarbonate, among others, may be a more environmentally friendly option. In addition, the products on the market have a very high price and, even though they are efficient, some are not worth it.

Besides the use for conservation of clothes, when scare moths, cockroaches and other insects, it is possible to use as a homemade disinfectant. That’s it! It is a mixture of water, naphthalene, alcohol vinegar, alcohol 46%, baking soda and detergent. A powerful disinfectant, practical and highly financially responsible for high performance.

For use in the bathroom, you can insert a mixer into the box attached to the toilet. After washing the bathroom, it can help keep the scent of freshly washed. Simply mix six mothballs, an indigo stone, a nylon bag, and a little string to tie the bag. Put inside the box and ready, toilet smell longer.


Care needed for the use of mothballs

As we have already said, the use of naphthalene in any activity requires several essential care to maintain the health of all. If you use the famous sachets in the clothes drawers, it is necessary to leave the bubbles inside the packaging and distribute in small quantities. Put few inside each drawer and under no circumstances close to children.

Avoid using naphthalene bubbles in small children’s clothing. Try not to leave the bubbles scattered to prevent small children or animals from putting their mouths and intoxication.

Although the product has a great repellent action, try to use it in a hidden way and avoid contact directly with the material. Always use the sachets and if you need to abuse the cleaning gloves.

Did you understand the advantages of using mothballs? It can be very useful at the time of cleaning the house, with disinfectant action and elimination of may smell.

Be sure to take all precautions and in the event of poisoning, seek medical attention as a matter of urgency.