How to Properly Clean Hair Brushes

In addition to having the habit of combing the hair consistently, cleaning the brush should also be important in your routine. There are several ways to do this, but there are even more reasons to invest in this constant maintenance.


The Importance of Keeping Your Hair Brush Clean

Many times you should think that keeping the hair brush clean is simply about avoiding the buildup of yarn on the object. But the importance goes beyond that to your health.

Not cleaning the hair brush with consistency can pluck the hair. And worse: it can cause disease, since there is a proliferation of microorganisms. That is why it is indicated to perform this cleaning every 15 days, on average. If your hair is falling more easily, it is indicated that this period is shorter.

And when we talk about salon, this importance increases. After use on each client, the hairbrush should always be sanitized. Whether in the salon or personal use, there are a few ways to clean the hair brush.


Tips To Clean Hairbrushes Correctly

In the very day to day it is possible to do an effective cleaning on your hairbrush. And you should start:

  • * Before washing, remove all hair strands: With a comb, you must remove all strands attached to the bristles. This is important to remove all the dirt and skin particles from the scalp that get stuck in the brush.

If the brush has some balls on the tip of the bristle, during cleaning it is common for them to come loose. That’s why the ideal is to change brushes. Since these balls are not to hurt the scalp, it is better to change the brush than to keep using a product that ends up injuring your head.

  • * Now that the brush is wiped clean, wash the attachment carefully. With neutral soap or shampoo (it can be the same ones children), remove the dirt and rinse it under running water and a soft sponge. All this allows the brush to look beautiful longer, not losing color and staying as “new” for longer.

If it is difficult to remove a dirt, you should put the sauce brush in water and neutral shampoo for about 30 minutes. If it is plastic, you should put the brush in a liter of water with a spoon of sanitary water. Through this period of soaking the dirt leaves, as well as the bacteria present in the object.

  • * Does the brush have very narrow rows? Use a piece of cotton or a soft toothbrush.
  • * To dry the brush, leave the accessories in a ventilated place and away from the sun. If you are in a hurry, use only cold air from the dryer to do this. Use the brush when it is completely dry.

Did you realize how simple everyday actions are to keep the brush clean longer? Now get your accessories and clean it now. And everything is constancy, because as you do it, the easier it gets.