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5 hair-washing mistakes that drive stylists crazy

HomeHair Cleaning5 hair-washing mistakes that drive stylists crazy
5 hair-washing mistakes that drive stylists crazy


“I find it difficult for most people to do this very fundamental task after 15 years of hair,” said hairstylist Neil Grupp, who worked with supermodel Bella Hadid.

Grupp says the first step is to find out what kind of hair you have.

“Test the ponytail and see if the diameter of the pony is smaller than a quarter, so you have fine hair, and a quarter or more means that you have medium to thick hair,” Grupp said.

It’s all about finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair.

He recommends using a product that does not weigh the hair down, but gives it strength and volume for fine hair.


Depending on your hair and scalp, how often you wash your hair.

“There’s no one – size prescription for a shampoo or washing schedule,” said colorist Cara Craig, who works at New York City’s Suite Caroline Salon.

Ryan Pearl, a famous colorist at the Cutler Salon in New York City, explained that the more oxidation you shampoo, the color can change.

Only when absolutely necessary, he suggests washing color – treated hair.


After a workout, you don’t need to wash your hair with shampoo.

“When you sweat, you just washed your hair in salt. If you wash it again, it’s too clean,” said Warren Tricomi’s Susan Monahan in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“the control of shine and natural frizz comes from natural oils that can stay on your hair.” Monahan suggests rinsing the scalp with warm to hot water and adding a little conditioner at the end.

The salt residue will be removed without stripping moisture hair.Do you still need some help, convinced?Shampoo doesn’t have to be the answer.


“My general rule is to use a high – quality and/or plant – based shampoo or cleanser. Shampoos from the drug store often contain silicones that can build on the scalp and make the hair dry and limp,” Craig said.

Silicone can also break.”It is important to ensure that your shampoo is gentle and yet powerful enough to clean the hair while moisturizing,” Sarah Potempa added.


“Some customers tell me that their blond hair appears to be darker or less bright as time goes on. This may be due to mineral deposits in pipes, product build – up or pollution.

I recommend a gentle shampoo as a treatment (once a week at most),” Craig explained.Pearl also proposes to invest as a long – term solution in a shower head filter.

Washing Your Hair Properly

Washing hair is not much!That’s right, but you can always follow some washing hair tips and optimize your shampoo routine to get the best start on proper hair care.

Stay tuned for methods of shampooing hair with the best results and tender loving care Shampoo quickly becomes routine such as brushing teeth or cutting nails.Maybe it’s time to think about the hair

Step-by-Step Instructions on Washing Hair Properly


Combine your hair with residual styling products.


See if you use the right shampoo for your type of hair. Is your hair fine, dry, oily or have you recently seen some flakes of dandruff?

Water – Part 1:

Dampen your hair with tipped water.

The Amount:

A dollop of shampoo about half an inch wide (about the volume of a hazelnut should be sufficient for short to medium long hair. Adjust this amount for long hair washing.


Foam the shampoo dollop with a little water before massaging the foaming shampoo through your hair and over the scalp with circulating movements. Make sure your scalp is not scratched with your fingernails

Water – Part 2:

Rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair with clear water. It is important to rinse all shampoo thoroughly.

Squeeze your hair during the rinse with your hands. A good tip for hair washing is that when your hair feels clean, the wash is complete.

Water – Part 3:

Rinse your hair with cool water and scalp. Washing hair in cold water feels exciting and stimulates the circulation of blood.

Extra TLC:

If you want to know how to get shiny hair, conditioning rinses coat your hair with a very thin protective film and provide luster, softness and improved handling.

Hair treatments repair porous hair shafts and should be used for damaged or dry hair once a week after shampooing.The treatment of hair replaces the rinse.

Water – Part 4:

Use tipped water to rinse the extra care products until the hair is squeaky.

Hair Drying:

Once you know how to wash your hair properly, knowing how to dry it is important.Once you know how to wash your hair properly, knowing how to dry it is important.

Just press a towel on your hair instead.The towel absorbs excess water without moving it back and forth and thereby damaging your hair.


Comb and tenderly detach your still wet or damp hair without any force. The freshly washed and still sensitive hair may otherwise be damaged.

Frequency of Shampooing:

Now you know how to shampoo hair, shampoo your hair every two to three days for the best results. Your hair will look forward to the right care and respond with softness and silky brightness.

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