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Roof cleaning is an extremely important part of home maintenance and can be the main part of roof maintenance.

Keeping your roof clean prevents deterioration, which can lead to costly repairs or even a complete replacement of the roof.

Roof cleaning extends the roof life and helps to keep the roof more functional for a longer time.

1. You Can Do Roof Cleaning Yourself–But Don’t Take The Decision To Lightly

DIY roof cleaning is certainly available and a capable homeowner can do an adequate job with the right methods, tools and cleaning products.

But make sure you look at all the facts before you decide that this is your preferred method.When you buy cleaning products, find a company that you know you can trust.

Look for a company that offers multiple formulas and preventive solutions.

Remember: You can’t clean your roof easily.Set aside for at least a full afternoon and be ready to work regardless of what kind of cleaners you have bought for the job.

2. Roof Algae Is Much More Than An Aesthetic Concern

Sure – an unattractive attribute is having algae on your roof.It’s more than that, though, and you can’t postpone taking care of it.

The thing is: Roof algae is a living thing, and it feeds off your shingles (actually, it feeds off a calcareous filler commonly used in the production of shingles).If it’s not taken care of, your roofing life will take years off.

If your roof is not regularly cleaned, especially if the algae is visibly noticeable, it can lead to a rapid deterioration of your shingles, which has a few effects:

Since your shingles help block UV rays, the energy efficiency of your home and the steep increase in your AC bills will decrease.

3. Roof Cleaning Is Not An Overpriced Service

On the contrary, roofing contractors typically charge a fair price, particularly in view of the above – mentioned cost of replacing the roof.

Roof cleaning usually runs between $ 200 and $ 800, and the average cost is about $ 476.

Given the importance of the service, plus the amount you end up spending without it, the cost of hiring a professional is well worth it if you choose not to do it alone.

4. Even If You Can’t See The Algae, You May Still Need A Cleaning

Algae is completely invisible in its earliest stages of development.So even if your roof seems to be fine, now is the best time to clean it up.

This is one of the reasons why professional roofs recommend that you inspect the roof once every three years – the earlier you can catch the problem, the better it is for your roofing.

Many homeowners may decide to spot their roof cleaning, but algae can make your entire roof visible only in places.It is always a good idea to take preventive measures and to have as thorough a cleaning as possible.

5. There Are Two Main Ways To Clean A Roof, And Each Are Viable For Different Reasons

The two main roof cleaning methods are:

 Pressure washing –

 in which highly pressurized water is sprayed on the roof to remove any mold, algae, dirt or grime, 

 chemical cleaning – 

sometimes referred to as soft washing, in which chemicals are the main thing to remove these harmful things from the roof.

Roof Cleaning and Pressurewashing

Roofs are considered horizontal flat surfaces and since they cover a large square footage area, you will need a sophisticated gear to make the washing of your pressure quick and efficient.

A flat surface cleaner is the most commonly used device for this type of application.We recommend 20 “pressure washer surface cleaners and / or 24” pressure washer surface cleaners for roof power cleaning.

In addition to the pressure washer surface cleaners, the pressure washer is the great cleaning tool for the roof.

These versatile units can wash any environment and remove any dirt that is known to us.

All You Need to Know About Pressure Washing, Roofs & Moss

Tis the green season.Green on the pitch.Green buds on the trees.Green bulbs ready for color bursting.And then on your roof there’s the green.

It’s also that time of year when a homeowner scratches his head, flips through the phonebook (or Google), asks who to ask for help and ends up trying with the man who left a small flyer stuck at his front door.

But how do you recognize a qualified expert who knows what your roof needs?

You see your neighbor hiring a pressure washing company down the street every year to clean her composition roof.

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