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Dusting of concrete It’s characterized by a light-powdery surface which may weather to expose the aggregate. Dusting surfaces powder under any sort of traffic and can be easily scratched with a nail or perhaps by sweeping. Bleed water carries cement and finer particles to form a coating of laitance on the slab surface. Excessive bleed […]

What’s hair dusting? “Hair dusting is a technique where you do not eliminate any hair length, but just the damaged hair hints,” Salcedo explains. “Think about it in terms of removing fuzz from clothing,” he says. “You need to smooth out the hair the best that you can first, since you will need to allow […]

It had been own fault — and it is a familiar story in our age of arctic and pastel hair colour trends. I called in the big guns for rehabilitation — Olaplex, masks, pre-shampoo remedies — and each of them made a significant difference. But, as all of us know very well, you can not […]

it is everywhere and seems to multiply. It has a means of accumulating on books, furniture, and in small hidden places. Dusting furniture is among those time-consuming chores. I can not stand, so I decided long ago to use natural homemade cleansers such as this wood furniture cleaner and polish instead of chemical-laden traditional ones […]

The way to create your own vinegar window washing solution. What kind of solution you may need based on how dirty your windows are.How to use vinegar to other household chores. Vinegar is a wonder from character. Completely non-toxic and antibacterial, vinegar is in fact beneficial to almost any surface it touches. It safely kills […]