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New Dusting Methods

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New Dusting Methods

It had been own fault — and it is a familiar story in our age of arctic and pastel hair colour trends.

I called in the big guns for rehabilitation — Olaplex, masks, pre-shampoo remedies — and each of them made a significant difference.

But, as all of us know very well, you can not really fix fried or split ends; you need to cut off’em before they get worse.

So, what’s one to do if you will need to eliminate the deceased, fried, divide weight, but are not looking to go considerably shorter?

Hair dusting.

“Think about it in terms of removing fuzz from clothing,” he says. “You need to smooth out the hair the best that you can first, since you will need to allow the terrible hair to pop up. That’s what you’ll be getting rid of.”

Here’s the reason many hairstylists do not do it: It is really time consuming. In actuality, it’s almost like a second haircut after your strands are trimmed and shaped.

“It is more of a dressing technique, instead of a general haircut,” he says, noting that it is by no means new. “It has been done for ages, some cultures use various methods, like fire or razors.”

Convinced? Here Is What Your Stylist Must Know

“I hold smaller strands of hair in my hands, then slowly open and shut my shears vertical to the hair strand, allowing my shears grab the damaged hair,” Salcedo says. “ThenI move to cut the perimeter of the hair, if the endings are bad there, too.”

However, at long last, there is finally a haircut that does –AKA trims the fat, as it were, by nixing dead ends without creating the hair noticeably shorter. The technique? That would be”hair dusting,” based on L.A. hairstylist Sal Salcedo.

I take some time every week to review all of the comments on our site, YouTube station, and Facebook page.

I do so for a couple reasons; first off, I like to know what people are talking about in our community and how we could improve ourselves in regard to the content we provide.

I personally like to see what folks are interested in learning more about–what individuals’ pain points are so I will tackle them.

Well, I have recently noticed a copious quantity of requests for dusting tips and hacks! So, here are 10 quickies that will cut your cleaning time in regards to dusting.

You should not need a ladder for this unless you have very high ceilings. It is possible to bend the shaft to match any fan or light configurations (such as a ceiling fan, just bend it 90 degrees).

Personally, I do not dust my walls, but when it is something which has to be done, there is a easy approach to dust and clean walls.

No need to use a costly product here! Only work the instrument up and down the wall with a’W’ pattern to conserve energy and time and to make sure you’re covering the whole space.

Bathroom Vents

These get super dusty as they operate for quite a very long time and suck loads of dirt, moisture, and dust. The next time you are cleaning them, use your vacuum using the brush attachment to suck and loosen the caked on dirt and dust.

Dusting Baseboards

Check back to my previous suggestion: Corners, Moldings & Door Frames. With a towel rod with a fabric or old sock attached to it, lightly sprayed, means no more bending down, and no harder work.

This makes the task so much easier and also permits you to access hard-to-reach places like behind furniture.

To wash and dust delicate decorations, classic pieces, silk flowers or little delicate strands, lightly mist a small paintbrush or makeup brush and use that to perform this in depth cleaning.

Therefore, when dusting, begin with the greatest things and work your way down to the lowest. If you do not, you will need to replicate your work.

Another fantastic thing to bear in mind is to operate in a spiral formation — working clockwise tackle all four corners and moldings, then move down and dust all tops of frames (doorways and artwork etc.), then reduced down to dust all table tops and eventually all baseboards.

In this manner, no dust will fall in an already cleaned area.

Use Microfiber Cloths

I have been speaking about microfiber fabrics for years now. I can not understand why you’d dust with anything else–finally microfiber makes it possible to spend less time cleaning!

A microfiber fabric is electrostatically charged, which means it quite literally attracts dust. They are also highly absorbent and they do not leave lint or dust behind which means streak-free surfaces.

In summary, these tools save you time by assisting you to clean more efficiently. I love them so much I decided to create my own.

These are a massive source of allergens and dust in your house, especially after any kind of home renovation. When you haven’t been replacing your air filters every season you are requesting more dust in your dwelling.

At the same time, having your air ducts cleaned is the greatest form of dusting. You can hire an expert who can come by and vacuum all your vents outside, removing all the remaining dust in your dwelling.

Delicate Areas or Areas Where You Can Not See

Vacuum using a pantyhose covered dust brush for all these regions. The nozzle can accumulate dust when using a dust brush, without running the risk of sucking up valuables or items you do not want vacuumed up!

Use Entrance Mats

Avoid dust using two entrance mats at each entrance. One just outside the doorway and you just inside the doorway will decrease the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that enters your residence.

Make certain to pick mats which will hold up to the wear and tear of your visitors. Outdoor mats might have to be hosed down and dried as well.

It’s a fantastic idea to have an indoor and outdoor mat for every exterior door at the house.

Change Air Filters

Check and maintain your air filters to be certain they’re functioning properly. Air filters will last between 1-3 months?But ought to be altered as they become clogged with dirt and debris.

Besides reducing the dust in your house, changing the air filters regularly will prolong the life of your ac unit which makes it have to work less hard to cool your residence.

This will also lower your energy bills also. An extra plus is overall air quality in your residence.

Brush Pets

Brush your pets regularly to reduce shedding from your favourite pet. Pet owners will see that a lot of the debris and dust can come away from their pets.

Brushing not only provides you quality time with your pet but reduces the amount of dander and shedding that you wind up dusting away. A regularly bathing routine is also a necessity to decrease pet dander.

Make certain to wash pet bedding regularly and to wash pet areas often.

Keep Windows Closed

By keeping windows shut, you are going to avoid dust and debris from blowing into your dwelling.

At least once every year, it’s an excellent idea to double check your door and window weatherstripping to be certain that it is still functioning correctly. Replace old or inefficient weatherstripping to enhance the seals on your doors and windows.

Choose Good Tools

There are tons of dusting products on the marketplace, but every has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Use the right dusting tool to your own jobs.

Microfiber fabrics work well because they trap tiny particles of dust. Lambswool and electrostatic dusters are popular for this exact same reason.

Lots of folks prefer to use their vacuum cleaner to dust because all of the particles get sucked away into the vacuum cleaner.

Use Slipcovers

Using slipcovers in your upholstery permits you to shake a slipcover rather than attempting to vacuum dust out of an whole sofa. Make certain to search for a slipcover that has simple care instructions which you can manage easily.

If you use a furniture or polish, make certain to follow the instructions and do not overuse the item. The overuse or improper use may cause a buildup in your furniture or clouding of the timber surfaces.

Repair Wood Scratches

With a dry microfiber cloth will pick up more dust and keep your furniture from getting clouded or built-up with fatty compounds.

Dusting is a excellent time to fix any new scratches you will notice in your wood furniture. Use a furniture marker or crayon to go over scrapes when you dust.

This is a excellent time to remove candle wax, burn stains, or glue stains from your furniture also.

Top to Bottom

Dust from top to bottom to avoid going over surfaces more than once. Sometimes you might have to wet dust once you dry dust, but constantly dry dust .

Be cautious about allowing even a little bit of water on wood surfaces as they might stain, warp, or become damaged.

Then I bleached it .

It had been own fault — and it is a familiar story in our age of arctic and pastel hair colour trends.

I called in the big guns for rehabilitation — Olaplex, masks, pre-shampoo remedies — and each of them made a significant difference.

But, as all of us know very well, you can not really fix fried or split ends; you need to cut’em before they get worse.

So, what’s one to do if you will need to eliminate the deceased, fried, divide weight, but are not looking to go much shorter? Input: Hair dusting.

L.A. hairstylist Sal Salcedo introducing me to the method — and he literally saved my hair in 1 dust.


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