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New Hair Dusting Methods

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New Hair Dusting Methods

What’s hair dusting?

“Hair dusting is a technique where you do not eliminate any hair length, but just the damaged hair hints,” Salcedo explains.

“Think about it in terms of removing fuzz from clothing,” he says. “You need to smooth out the hair the best that you can first, since you will need to allow the terrible hair to pop up. That’s what you’ll be getting rid of.”

Here’s the reason many hairstylists do not do it: It is really time consuming. In actuality, it’s almost like a second haircut after your strands are trimmed and shaped.

“It is more of a dressing technique, instead of a general haircut,” he says, noting that it is by no means new. “It has been done for ages, some cultures use various methods, like fire or razors.”

And yet another time in slow-motion..

Convinced? Here’s what your stylist Should Know

“I hold smaller strands of hair in my hands, then slowly open and shut my shears vertical to the hair strand, allowing my shears grab the damaged hair,” Salcedo says.

“Then I move to cut the perimeter of the hair, if the endings are bad there, too.”

Salcedo does this to most of his customers, and that’s why every appearance he shares on Instagram is so damn coveted.

To attain healthier hair, without going shorter, ask your hairstylist to get a”dusting — not a cut!” Salcedo says. “Less than half an inch of a snip in many cases — and occasionally even less across the surface of the hair, the layers, and the endings. When it’s dead, then let it go.”

Salcedo says the technique works on any hair type or texture — but you do have to smooth out the hair to find the damaged ends which needs to be removed.

And no, it will not thin the hair — rather the contrary. It really stops the damage by eliminating it, so you won’t have broken ends creeping up your strands.

Having said that, be sure to go to a stylist who knows what they are doing — the dusting should be quite minimal.

“The purpose is to eliminate hair which no longer serves you,” Salcedo says. “Hair becomes damaged due to coloring, weather, bad haircuts, hot tools, and many of the time, only the age of the hair.”

Top Five Reasons To Use Body Powder

  • The notion of using a”dusting powder” on the daily might look a little… old-school.
  • (Truthfully, I have the idea to make my entire body + foot powders from my grandma!)
  • But keep me (and gra grannyhere, since you are going to have your beauty routine updated by 1000 percent
  • I began using body powder a couple of months before, and I am absolutely addicted.

Where has this lavish, luscious goodness been all of my life?!

  • It is high time we bring this classic grooming habit back – with 100% natural, plant based (talc free) components of course!

1. It absorbs moisture because of humidity and perspiration.

Well, this one is pretty clear, but if you have not tried it, you don’t have any clue what you are missing! It is essentially deodorant in a powder form which you can apply anywhere on your body.

(And I really do mean a n y w h e r e!) You know when you have a nice hot, steamy shower, and then you are too sticky to get dressed? That is when this stuff really is useful.

Or, once you’re on a tropical vacation, and you wanted to look cute but you feel like you’re completely dressed in a sauna? LIFESAVER!

It prevents you from slipping into a puddle on the ground while making your skin fefeelsncredibly soft to the touch. So refreshing. Seriously, where’s it been all my life?!

2. It retains body acne .

Consider it: breakouts happen when your body produces excess amounts of petroleum, and it blends (or gets trapped in a pore with) the germs on your skin.

Body powder not only prevents the excess moisture from collecting in your skin, but in addition, it adds the antibacterial, antiseptic properties of a little tea tree oil using the gently cleansing properties of kaolin clay and baking soda.

(Side note – I am talking from personal experience here, not really marketing my products as a cure for acne! If you are struggling, definitely make certain to find a dermatologist!)

3.It protect our toes(and shoes)

This is my absolute favourite use for my entire body + foot powder. Sprinkling only a tiny bit of this in my toes before I put on my socks and shoes not only keeps them smelling sweet, but additionally, it makes me feel much more comfortable!

In the summer I sometimes tend to use an excessive amount of moisturizer to my toes until I put on my sandals, so I end up slipping and sliding around in my heels that’s super annoying, but a dusting of powder helps keep everything in place.

Keeping your feet dry also will help extend the life span of your lovely shoes! Something to consider while we are speaking of updates, no?!

4. It provides your signature scent better staying power!

Have I said that about my merchandise yet?! ;-RRB- But do not worry – while this might be a vintage-y beauty product, the scents are contemporary and fresh.

I like to think that Twinkle Apothecary’s scented body maintenance things are more about finding the luxury and joy in your daily self care rituals, instead of leaving a trail of cologne everywhere you go.

Wearing the same odor head-to-toe really boosts the staying power of our natural aromas – or you can mix and match unique scents to create something that’s completely unique for you.

5. In fact, it makes your entire lifetime (gym bag, bag, laundry basket, sheets, car…) smell better.

It might be known as body powder, but it does not just absorb moisture and control bacteria in your skin. You can sprinkle it pretty much everywhere you need to stay bad smells in check.

I strongly recommend dusting some on your shoes and gym equipment, and I looooove dusting my sheets when I make my bed in the morning.

Dusting my favourite fragrance around in my car might have made my time as a commuter in Los Angeles waaaaaaaay more pleasurable! (Side note – I don’t suggest using this as a rug deodorizer when vacuuming.

Honorable mention: It functions as a dry shampoo too!

I favor using Twinkle Apothecary’s own dry shamshampoo because rice flour adds so much volume, but in the event that you can not get the body powder will absorb excess oils onto your scalp and make your hair smell pretty also!

And if you wish to smell great, also, there is no better way than The Vermont Country Store’s ample choice of classic bath powders.

For centuries ago, body powders were used by both women and men to minimize perspiration, remove uncomfortable chafing, and offer you a mild fragrance that would last all day long.

But all of us know newer is not always better, and now a growing number of individuals are seeking to switch back to simpler products.

Our society is moving away from the environmentally damaging aerosols and plastic spray bottles; men and women alike are moving back to the tried-and-true organic powders of yesteryear which were a family staple for decades.

It simply makes scensense>Here at The Vermont Country Store, we attempt to provide our clients with the secure and effective powdered grooming aids they recall.

It is amazing what plush powder puffs can do for you: when used after a shower or bath, the bath powders help absorb moisture and protect against sweasweatingle leaving you with a fresh and clean scent.

Natural, lively, and practical for each body
But bath powders are not only for the gentler sex–after all, why should guys have to manage sweat or chafing?

Established brands like Pinaud bring your body powders formulated for men who will endure through a long day’s work. With a subtle, clean fragrance, you won’t need to worry about smelling cologne.

And for people who prefer a talc-free item, we offer natural alternatives made fresh, natural ingredients such as cornstarch, arrowroot, and kaolin clay which make an outstanding powder for women and men alike.

One thing’s for certain: bath powders are an important part of a woman’s (or man’s!) cleansing routine.

With the capability to absorb extra moisture, prevent chafing, and supply all-day freshness with a light scent, there is nothing these classic body powders can not do.

Among the most overlooked tasks in the aviation field is that of a crop dusting pilot. When most folks consider crop dusting, they envision a grizzled old guy in an early biplane, flying low over a field in Illinois.

He seems suddenly on the horizon and disappears almost before you’ve got the opportunity to register him.

Today’s crop dusting business is totally different, with million-dollar turbine-engine airplanes, intricate GPS systems for planning the row flights and tripping the sprayers, and well-trained, seasoned pilots.

In actuality, there’s most likely a whole lot about crop dusting you don’t understand.

Keep reading to decide whether a career as a crop dusting pilot is ideal for you.

  1. It is not known as”crop dusting” anymore.
  2. The first aerial application was not from a plane.
    It was flown by a guy named John Chaytor, who disperse seed within a swamped valley floor..
  3. The NAAA’s mission is to promote and foster the growth of aerial application and the importance it plays on a worldwide scale. Its top priorities include education, training, and security.
  4. The NAAA has changed what it means to be an ag pilot by encouraging new technologies, and new program methods.
  5. Ag pilots undergo a whole lot of training.
    The idea behind this is to minimize the threat to the environment.
  6. Planes are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.
    We have come a long way in the times of the rickety old biplane. Recent technology developments like GPS swath advice, aerial picture, and prescription mapping and dispersal systems have revolutionized the aerial application industry. Planes are equipped with GPS systems which provide advice accuracy within three feedfees direct the pilot with a light bar and digital mapping system.
  7. The aircrafts are not only used for pesticides.

7. The flying involved in aerial application is technically challenging and sometimes hazardous, therefore it’s very important that pilots know that they are doing.You likely won’t begin as a pilot straight away.
8.Many ag pilots start their careers mixing substances and functioning as loaders or mechanisms for the airplane. You may realize that you will need to slowly work your way up to a pilot position.

9. As a result of the current farming boom, aerial application is a hot field. This is in sharp contrast to the vast majority of additional aviation areas; most aircraft manufacturers are in a slump, while leading aerial application manufacturer Air Tractor Inc. in Olney, Texas, is making more airplanes each year.

10.You’ll require a whole lot of aviation training.
So as to function as an ag pilot, you’ll have to earn your private pilot license, a commercial evaluation, and a tail-wheel (conventional gear) airplane endorsement, in addition to specific agricultural aviation training.

Norwex Dusting Mitt

The Norwex Dusting Mitt asserts to make dusting your home simple, healthy, and reasonably priced. Is this really correct?

If you already have the Norwex Enviro Cloth, you might not have to obtain the Norwex Dusting Mitt, or is it just gimmicky… a fabric in the form of a mitt?

I really like this product, and no, it is definitely not a gimmick.

I used to believe that the NorwexNorseng Mitt was great, goodot great. You may remember that in my first review,

I gave it 3 stars. My reason for only a three start starg? I believed the Norwex enviro fabric, dry, did the very same tasks, just as well, as the dusting mitt, with the mitt shape being the actual oreal,advantage.

I’ve since discovered that this small mitt had a few tricks hidden up its sleeve… that have made me stand up and take note.

Microfiber has a natural static charge which makes it perfect for dusting. You can actually feel that the small microfiber hooks onto the Norwex dNorway mitt — they catch the dust and trap it in the mitt till you take it out and shake it.

This is because you’re not coat your furniture with sprays which bring dust to it. This residue is tacky and will encourage dust to adhere to it. When you use the Norwex Dusting Mitt, you’re leaving nothing behind, and as time passes, you want to dust less often than previously.

You wear this mitt right on your hands, so you don’t have to work to maintain it while you dust. This feature is excellent for anyone with joint stiffness or soreness (arthritis). It’s also perfect for allergy sufferers as you don’t touch the dust as you remove it.

You can use this small mitt anyplace that dust accumulates:

. The actual ones and the fake!pictures on the wallwalls!it’s GREAT for keeping in your vehicle to give the dash a quick wipe down, particularly for those who push dirt roads. undefined

Like I mentioned previously, the Norwex Dusting Mitt is multifunctional, and I’d love to show you two of my favorite ways to use this small mitt.


I HATE vacuuming or sweeping staircase. It was my job for a child… vacuuming the brown carpeted stair case. Ugggh. Those stairs did not get cleaned often.

In our home now, we’ve got hardwood stairs, and I don’t like cleaning them same problems with the vacuum, and although I really like the Norwex Mop System for the remainder of my floors, it is not great for stairs.

So I’ve been crossing them. Did you know that hairy dust bunnies do not clean up nicely with a conventional broom and dust pan?

Start at the top, give every stair a swipe, and in the base, scoop up all the crumbs and the dust and hair sticks into the microfiber. It’s fast, easy, and you do not need to haul out the vacuum or broom.


It’s easy and quick! Wet your Norwex Dusting Mitt, ring it out, place it on your hand, and wihandwn either side of your window display. No chemicals, no sprays, and you do not need to remove your displays to down them.

It is super powerful and does exactly what it is supposed to do, and thendome.


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